Meet the Team #1

Nick Wasmuth, Co-Founder

In the first of our series introducing you to the team behind the Lifetise project, it is our pleasure to introduce Nick Wasmuth, Co-Founder of Lifetise.

Nick brings over 15 years of financial services and tech experience to the project. He started his career in capital markets and later transitioned into consumer finance, with expertise in sales and growth.

He created the first D2C channel for Vitality, a billion dollar consumer rewards programme in the insurance industry and brings a wealth of knowledge of incentive structures from that role.

Nick leads on operations and product-led growth for Lifetise, working closely with the designers and marketing team to incorporate user feedback into the platform and create effective growth loops.

Nick was formerly General Manager of Team GB American Football 🏈and is highly experienced in leading and coaching elite teams to deliver maximum performance.

Nick was part of the founding Lifetise team that was selected for Accenture’s prestigious Fintech Innovation Lab programme in 2019.


Want more?

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be sharing more about our vision, how we’re bringing together the best of TradFi and DeFi into one platform, our goals to make DeFi accessible to the mass-market and our upcoming IDO.

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Can’t wait that long?! Here’s where to find more info:

🌐 Website
💬 Telegram chat
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Building the FinTech Metaverse | How to afford your life | Incubated by |🎙Money & Me

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Building the FinTech Metaverse | How to afford your life | Incubated by |🎙Money & Me

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