Lifetise is on a mission to save your life

(Your financial life, that is!)

Lifetise is designed for the global mass-market. To enable as many people as possible from all economic backgrounds to achieve their life goals and build financial security.

Traditionally, financial advice has primarily only been available to the already-wealthy, or people who have the right connections or knowledge. Lifetise levels the playing field, making it easy for everyone, everywhere, to figure out their financial lives. We want everyone to be able to play the game of life and win, in their own way.

Who is the Lifetise audience?

There are an estimated 2.3 billion people aged 18–40 worldwide. That’s now the largest generation globally (30% of the world’s population) and will soon be the biggest consumer group for financial products and services. This is because an estimated $70 Trillion in wealth will transfer from Baby Boomers to the younger generations in the UK and US alone over the next two decades.

Of course, these adults increasingly need financial advice, but they don’t trust traditional financial advisors. Plus, they want advice that reflects the reality of their lives (not the lives of their parents).

The Lifetise audience is looking for answers to real-life questions:

Am I better off financially if I go to college?
I need a new laptop, how do I pay for it?
I want to move out, how much will it cost me to rent an apartment?
What vacation can I get this year?
How do I pay back my student loans?
When can I afford to start a family?
How can I save to buy a home?
I want to go freelance, what should I budget?
How can I stay financially secure?
How do I build wealth?

Our community wants to know what to do with their money at each stage of their lives. These are the questions that Lifetise answers.

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Want more?

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be sharing more about our vision, how we’re bringing together the best of TradFi and DeFi into one platform, our goals to make DeFi accessible to the mass-market and our upcoming IDO.

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