Lifetise + Aave: match made in DeFi heaven

Last week at the IRL NFT event in London, Aave CEO Stani Kulechov revealed that people are taking out loans through Aave to help them achieve major life goals such as buying homes, cars and paying for college.

This is a significant deviation from the widely held belief that crypto lending is only for leveraged trading. And it represents a big step forward for crypto’s use in “real world” situations.

Needless to say we’re big fans of this development, as it precisely fits with Lifetise’s mission! It’s a perfect example of how Lifetise is able to work with DeFi partners to turn that big step into a giant leap forward.

Be a winner in the Game of Life

Lifetise is building the ‘Metaverse with a Purpose’. A virtual life simulator where people can plan their lives and visualise how to afford all their goals. From getting a new laptop or car, owning a home, starting a business, having children, taking a vacation, saving for retirement, and so on.

It recommends both DeFi protocols & TradFi products that can help you hit your goals: from lending pools, savings/yield farming, investments, mortgages and insurance.

Taking the example of using Lifetise + Aave to help you buy a property:

Lifetise calculates and visualises everything for you:
— how much you need to save for your down payment and other costs
— what mortgage you need
— locations and types of property you could afford to buy
— how much it will cost
— how quickly you can do it, and
— a list of steps to make it happen, including how much you could borrow through Aave for your down payment.

The combination of Lifetise + Aave shows people how much quicker & cheaper it is to buy that apartment (or car, or vacation, or dog) by using DeFi instead of (or as a boost to) traditional means, like saving in a bank savings account.

Oceans of untapped liquidity 🌊🌊

The potential reach and scale of this is enormous. Currently, only a small percentage of total cryptocurrency holdings are utilized within defi protocols.

At the time of writing only $78Bn is locked within DeFi protocols¹, out of a total crypto market cap of just under $2Tr.²

That means <4% of the cryptocurrency in circulation is utilized within DeFi.

Aave is the second largest DeFi protocol on the market and it has a TVL <1% of crypto’s market cap.

So there’s an enormous growth opportunity for both Aave and DeFi in general. And perhaps more importantly, a serious under-utilization of assets by the crypto community.

So by promoting partners such as Aave and helping people understand how DeFi products can help them purchase the things they want in life, Lifetise will massively scale the trend identified by Stani. Whilst matching Aave’s untapped liquidity with the millions of people worldwide who need help affording the lives they want.

Lifetise is the true game of life: a metaverse that bridges the fiat and blockchain monetary systems, between the virtual and the real worlds, to help people lead better, more financially secure and healthier lives.

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